Term Dates

Barby Pre-School 2018/19 Dates​

Term 1  Teacher Training Day   Thursday 6th September
   Teacher Training Day   Friday 7th September
   Pre-School open to children   Monday 10th September
   Term ends   Friday 19th October
Term 2  Teacher Training Day   Monday 29th October
   Pre-School open to children   Tuesday 30th October
   Term ends   Wednesday 19th December
Term 3  Pre-School open to children   Thursday 3rd January
   Term ends   Friday 15th February
Term 4  Pre-School open to children   Monday 25th February
   Term ends   Friday 5th April
Term 5  Teacher Training Day   Tuesday 23rd April
   Pre-School open to children   Wednesday 24th April
   Pre-School closed for Bank Holiday   Monday 6th May
   Term ends   Friday 24th May
Term 6  Pre-School open to children   Monday 3rd June
   Term ends   Wednesday 24th July


Barby Pre-School 2019/20 Dates​

Term 1  Teacher Training Day     Monday 2nd September 
   Teacher Training Day    Tuesday 3rd September
   Pre-School open to children    Wednesday 4th September
   Term ends    Thursday 24th October
   Teacher Training Day    Friday 25th October
 Term 2  Pre-School open to children    Monday 4th November
   Term ends    Friday 20th December
 Term 3  Teacher Training Day    Friday 3rd January
   Pre-School open to children    Monday 6th January
   Term ends   Friday 14th February
 ​Term 4  Pre-School open to children    Monday 24th February
   Term ends    Thursday 2nd April
   Teacher Training Day    Friday 3rd April
 Term 5  Pre-School open to children    Monday 20th April
   Pre-School closed Bank Holiday    Monday 4th May
   Term ends    Friday 22nd May
Term 6  Pre-School open to children    Monday 1st June
   Term ends    Friday 17th July


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Our Parents Comments:

Parents comments:

"My twins just settled in at pre-school so perfectly!"
"Fantastic and convenient care for my child."
"Children always come back home smiling and happy."

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Come and join in the fun at our Pre-School Quiz on Sunday 19th May. Barby Village Hall 7.30pm
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Interested in becoming a member of the committee to share your skills, gain new ones and be part of a great team? Please call Cat, our Chair, on 079096 80508 or speak to Debbie the Supervisor.
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Session Times

Monday to Friday
9.00am to 12.00noon and 12.00noon to 3.00pm 

Term Dates

2018/19 Term 6
Pre-School open to children Monday 3rd June
Term ends Wednesday 24th July

2019/20 Term 1
Teacher Training Day Monday 2nd September
Teacher Training Day Tuesday 3rd September
Pre-School open to children Wednesday 4th September
Term ends Friday 24th October

Full 2018/19 and 2019/20 Term Dates are available on the Term Dates page within Useful Information

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